Sunday, 21 February 2010

Food Photo Shoot - Bowls

A photo shoot with food? Brilliant idea. Sometimes taking photos of pots can feel a little repetitive. Line up the shot, clickerty click, upload the pics and then move on to the next one. Big yawn, achy back. But once you add food into the mix the whole experience changes. I certainly enjoyed this photo shoot, especially since I got to eat the olives at the end.

Sometimes styling a shot with food makes all the difference. This little bowl was just asking for some food in shot. The photos of these bowls on their own are OK but feel a bit bland and certainly don’t do them full justice. Because they’re glazed in plain white (a difficult colour to photograph) they’re in danger of being undervalued and overlooked - when in fact they’re hugely versatile, gorgeous little things that fit snugly in the palm of your hand! I want to call them sugar bowls but know they’re also dip bowls, snack bowls, olive bowls – even finger bowls! But I decided a selection of olives and cheese might best illustrate their potential because these will provide a lovely colour group: black, green and white. The olives also give a hint of scale at a glance which I think a bowl on its own - or even with sugar or dips - might not get across.

So hopefully the photo above suggests lots of things simultaneously – function, versatility, scale and also ‘lush yummy must-haveness’. The thing to remember though (I discovered) is to make sure you’re still taking pictures of BOWLS. I ended up with far too many close-up shots fixating on glistening olives, while the bowl rim itself was completely out of focus! Perhaps I should’ve had my lunch beforehand…

Anyway, as always you can buy these bowls in my folksy shop.