Thursday, 3 March 2011

Making Mustard Pots

Back in January this year I mentioned some little wooden mustard spoons I found in a local ironmongers – something I’d been looking for for ages. Well at last I managed to make some mustard pots to go with them. Above are some photos of a batch of six mustard pots which I made yesterday together with eight matching lids (two spare in case of accidents).

In the same throwing session I also threw two larger ‘storage jars’ with three spare lids in the same style as the mustard pots. These may or may not become ‘honey pots’ (I have two wooden honey dippers in stock): I haven’t decided yet. But I’m quite pleased with the pots so far and looking forward to turning them to see if the lids will fit. These lids have been formed complete with knobs by throwing them flat on the wheel in one sitting. It’s a much quicker method of throwing lids and less wasteful of clay; but it means I’ve got limited turning available to correct any faults!

I also thought you might want to see how I make my designs. I keep notes on almost all the pots I make and include details like weights of clay and throwing measurements such as height and diameter. This means I can make a duplicate batch of pots to the same specifics or adapt the sizes to fit a new design. The new mustard pots are actually based on the same weights and general measurements of my tealight holders! I had to make sure the wooden spoons would fit the size of course but the only real difference in throwing terms is I’ve added a gallery for the lid to rest on.

Anyway, above is a picture of some notes and sketches I made for the mustard pots and below is a picture of me writing them out at the kitchen table…my trusty espresso cup by my side!


  1. Lovely pots and lovely drawings,it all looks so neat, tidy and clean, I wish I could work that way!

  2. Thank you! Mess may have been cropped out of shot...!