Saturday, 22 October 2011

French Linen and Lavender Bowls

You can’t beat French linen for a touch of natural chic – or at least that’s what I think! This is my very first piece of vintage French linen…which implies I wouldn’t mind having some more. This large tea towel with red stripe was only £7, which I thought was an absolute bargain­, so I had to have it. It’s going to be perfect for my display stand at shows – I’ve got a Christmas show coming up in November at Quarr Abbey on the island (which I’m sure to blog about soon). I think this linen with its simple red stripe will give a nice understated seasonal look to my display: something that’s in keeping with the Christmas mood but doesn’t detract from the pots. Hopefully it will enhance them!

Of course it’s going to be useful for styling pots in photographs too. And I’ve already been using my new piece of linen in a set of photographs you can see above. They feature a small cylinder pot I threw back in August (blogged here). You might remember I had a ‘plan’ for these pots. Well the plan hasn’t quite happened yet (no fault of the pots!) and I still don’t want to give the game away; so it will have to wait! In the meantime I’ve called these pots ‘lavender bowls’ to give people an idea of how they could use them. As always, a bowl has a thousand different uses, and the plain white glaze I’ve decorated them with is food safe – so they can be kept in the kitchen for serving dips and sauces etc. But after sorting through a crop of lavender gathered from my garden and popping a handful into one of these pots, I could see straight away how pretty and fresh they looked. So that's what they're called for now!

Click on the pic below and you can see them listed in my shop...

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