Friday, 15 June 2012

New Etsy Shop Launched

Front Page of my Etsy Shop

Today I thought I’d officially launch my brand new Etsy shop. It’s been on the 'to do’ list for some time but I decided to open one now because I wanted a new on-line venue to showcase my latest work. So please do pop over to my shop and have a look.

I must say I’m enjoying using Etsy so far. The listing process is the easiest and fastest I’ve come across and I’m really pleased with the quality of my photos on this site and how clear my banner has reproduced. I’m still getting the hang of where everything is and I’m only just beginning to interact with people on the site. But I’m feeling very positive about my new shop and looking forward to seeing how I get along. 

My About Page (photos carousel)

Last week Etsy launched a new feature on their site called 'About’. This gives shop owners the opportunity to add photos and go into more background detail about their shops or focus on their working process for instance. This is an excellent feature which I think really enhances the feeling of it being ‘your’ shop with its own identity rather than 'just another’ shop on a huge massive site. And of course it’s loads of fun to play around with! I used my ‘About’ page to feature photos of the making process and also to talk about my aims or philosophy behind what I make and why – nothing too profound (!) but just something to highlight the ideas. I’m hoping it will give people a little bit of an insight without being too fluffy - and there’s a link to my blog at the side if they want to come here to see more.

Anyway, please do have a look at my 'About' page. Etsy are doing some maintenance tomorrow (Saturday) so if nothing's working, it’s not me! Any likes/contacts/circles/favourites greatly appreciated of course.

Also, I just wanted to thank Helen for featuring a white sugar jar she commissioned from me on her blog: click here to see her post. Thanks Helen.


  1. Looks great - I will definitely head over for a look at your About section. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Fiona! Still getting the hang of things 'over there'!