Saturday, 26 November 2011

Mid-show Inspiration

As you might know from my last post, I'm currently in the middle of a week-long Christmas show that runs until next Tuesday. Usually I blog before a show to let people know where they can find me, and sometimes afterwards too, just to give an update on how it all went. But this time I thought I'd blog mid-show instead! Because the thing about doing exhibitions and shows, is that between all the packing-of-boxes and setting up and travelling and so on, somehow there's still moments to get inspired and have new ideas.

Above is a composite of some photos I've been taking around the Quarr Abbey grounds - the venue for my current show. It's such a nice venue because whenever I need a break from standing and talking I can get a breath of fresh air for a couple of minutes by taking a quick walk in their lovely gardens. These photos show a few inspiring textures and colours to be found around the grounds including some lovely clean white birch bark pointed out to me by fellow exhibitor Gill. Already these have given me some ideas for making marks in clay - which I'm keen to have a go at. It's frustrating though because I'm going to have to wait a while before I'm free again to start making! Hopefully these photos will remind me of these ideas for when the shows are over.

In the meantime though, here's a photo of my stand for this year's show.

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